005: How Phil Was Led to Christ in Chino State Prison – Pastor Glenn Morrison (Follow Up Ministries)

morrison_3Welcome to the Set Free Posse Podcast! Through interviews with Pastor Phil Aguilar and Set Free pastors and leaders (past and present), we’ll give you a behind-the-scenes look at the history and heart of the Set Free movement.


In this episode, David Trotter (Executive Producer and Director of the Set Free Posse documentary film) interviews Pastor Glenn Morrison, who founded Follow Up Ministries almost 60 years ago with the purpose of building an indigenous church behind the walls of prison, jails, and juvenile institutions. Not only will you learn how Phil Aguilar was introduced to Jesus by Pastor Morrison, but you’ll hear a candid conversation between the two of them as they relive the moment.




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  • Christine Malloy
    Posted at 20:37h, 25 May

    I truly enjoyed that, thank you so much as it blessed my day. I shared it on Facebook for others to be blessed as well. The music is stuff I remember from years ago when I first discovered Pastor Phi and Set Free on TBN. I actually still have the cassettes of this music,lol. Praise God that He sees our hearts and doesn’t care about what the outside looks like. I know there are others who no doubt judge Phils outer appearance with the tatts and leathers and all but this says more about them than him. God is no doubt at work in those brothers and sisters lives still, Praise God!

  • Diana Zanelli
    Posted at 09:43h, 26 May

    Pastor Phil brought me to christ & Baptisted me. Not only that but he brought my connection/relationship back with christ right where it’s subpose to be…… I am forever grateful for all of the prayers & friendship he has given me too. I have a really rare brain disease from 2004 GOD, & he & all the soldiers & all of set free have prayed me thru the beginning of all of that. It’s bcuz of that that god & my family & I have made it thru all my crazy medical stuff AND all this recent stuff that’s been going on these past 4 years. Listening to where MY pastor has gotten saved & birthed from is such a blessing & now I’m going to be praying for a beautiful new prayer for pastor Glen to our beautiful lord & savior. What an amazing man of God with a humble life & story. I love him & I don’t even know him. I feel like I do though. Thank you jesus for another beautiful soul & blessings & thank you jesus for my amazing pastor Phil who has touched & changed my life from the first time I’ve met him. I’m eternally grateful for ALL MY BLESSINGS. ❤❤❤❤ In jesus’s name Amen ???

  • Pastor Willie
    Posted at 02:32h, 27 May

    My sister, Marilyn Lawrence, worked as secretary for Glenn Morrison and FUMI in 1974-75 at the Hayward, Ca. office. Years later, of course, I met Pastor Phil and started Set Free Yucaipa and we’re going strong now 23 years. God connects the dots!

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