Accreditation Mentor Agreement

Arts Council England continues to accept questionnaires on the eligibility of non-accredited museums wishing to join the programme In order to take account of this postponement, the current accreditation status (full or provisional) for all accredited museums in the UK is extended for a further 12 months. The requirement that a museum be open to be accredited has been issued. Accredited museums may continue to apply for grants if accreditation is a condition of funding. Arts Council and South West Museum Development will write short-term to all relevant museums. We advise and assist you in your questions about the current rules and the accreditation standard itself. The Museum Accreditation System sets the industry standard that allows museums to verify and rely on: Arts Council has published a comprehensive briefing on the impact of these decisions on museums, in the form of FAQs on their website We have museum development officers engaged to advise you and connect you to wider networks. Vicky Dawson is our Accreditation Technical Advisor dedicated to assisting museums with accreditation. The Arts Council has published a DE FAQ document dedicated to accreditation during COVID-19. This suspension of activities is intended to relieve museums in times of great uncertainty and to recognize that the forward/business plans of the museums presented and the corresponding budgets do not reflect the actual situation at the time of the evaluation. Please contact us via the accreditation drop-down list and the best person to answer your question will contact you. We offer targeted training to people who work in museums of all shapes and sizes to connect, feel inspired and learn new skills.

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