Apple Education Shopping Agreement

Students are a big market for Apple, which is why it has a separate education store that offers big discounts on Mac computers and iPad tablets – and sometimes gives products like AirPods to entice customers. Although Apple does not check your education price qualifications at the time of purchase, it performs occasional audits. If you are unable to verify your registration, Apple reserves the right to charge your credit card for the difference between education and the regular prices of the items you buy. Apple`s teaching prices, which typically represent about 10% of the price of most Apple products, are available to the following people: In addition, if you are employed as a collaborator in an educational institution, you can also participate in some of the excellent offers, but not quite to the same extent as your students. Instead, you get a savings of about 6%, unlike the most sublime 15% off that students get, which is still important. Updated on 06.07.20 by Joe Osborne: Apple has added Apple`s offers for 2020 and verified the accuracy of all links. Also updated with details about the free apple AirPods promotion for education customers. Students, teachers, teachers and those who work for an educational institution (school, university or university) can save money on the next purchase of Mac, MacBook or iPad through the Apple Education Store. In this article, we show you how to use the Apple Education Store to get a discount for Apple students. The Apple Teaching Price website shows the price you pay with the education discount, but it doesn`t show the initial price. To see how much you save on a particular product, check that product in the Apple Education Store, check the same product in the normal Apple Store, and then compare prices.

For example, in the Apple Education Store, a simple 13-inch MacBook Air is listed at 899 $US, while it`s online at $999 in the Apple Store. Students aren`t the only ones who can get a discount on Apple students. You can also get one if you are the parent of a student in vocational or higher education (as described above) and buy on their behalf.

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