Car Wash Agreement

C. Pronto Wash Point of Service. “Pronto Wash Point of Service” refers to a parking lot or part of a parking lot where the developer receives a franchise for the operation of a business washing car with the Pronto Wash system. If, for any reason, a provision of these Terms of Use is unlawful, null or unworkable, the other provisions (and any partially enforceable provision) are not affected and remain valid and applicable to the full extent possible. You agree that these terms of use and any other agreement referred to may be transferred by, at our sole discretion, in the event of a merger or acquisition. These terms of use apply in addition to another written agreement between us regarding your participation as a member and will not be replaced by your membership. The Member accepts that by accepting these Terms of Use, the Member accepts the use and disclosure of his personal data and other practices described in our D. Procedure After Approval confidentiality statement. If the company has approved a proposed point of service, the company offers the developer a franchise to operate a Pronto Service Point on that site by issuing the developer with a form franchise contract for execution by the developer.

If necessary under current legislation, the company will provide the developer, in conjunction with this contract, with the circular franchise uniform or an equivalent disclosure document. In no less than fourteen (14) and no more than thirty (30) days after receipt by the developer, the developer will sign the franchise agreement and return to the company with the payment of the original franchise tax in effect. If the developer does not legally take possession of the date provided for in this section 5 within sixty (60) days of the company`s approval of the point of service or if the franchise agreement is not signed and returned within the period of fourteen (14) to thirty (30) days described above, the company has no right, but has no obligation to revoke its offer , the developer a franchise for operating a Pronto point of service at the proposed location. Percent (75%) the company`s initial franchise fee for each site likely to be opened on the basis of the company`s rates at the time of this agreement. The company must credit the corresponding portions of this royalty on the initial franchise fees that the developer must pay at the time of signing each franchise agreement opened under this Agreement. If the developer`s actual locations differ from the above rates, the company will charge or credit the developer with the corresponding amounts. In case, once this agreement is reached, the developers want to open a higher level than expected (. B for example, a tier-A site instead of a Type C site), the company has the right to give the developer the difference between 75 percent (75%) to charge.

the company`s discounted fee for the newly selected animal and the actual amount paid by the developer for the quota initially selected when executing this agreement. Fees 1.3. Limited exclusivity. While franchises would fully comply with these and all other agreements with Franchisor, Franchisor cannot create or license a franchise for the operation of a Pronto Wash service point of service within the site or a defined geographic area covering the Service Zone.

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