Jan Crouch (Co-Founder of TBN & Friend of Set Free Church) Passes Away at 78

Photo_JanCrouch_smWe are saddened to share the passing of TBN co-founder and friend of Set Free Church, Jan Crouch, died early Tuesday morning after suffering a massive stroke at the age of 78. Paul and Jan founded the Trinity Broadcasting Network in 1973.

Looking for a place to refer addicts for rehabilitation, Paul and Jan Crouch became supporters of Set Free Church in Anaheim, California, and its founder, Pastor Phil Aguilar. Not only did they financially support a number of discipleship / rehabilitation homes, but they often invited Phil to appear on “Praise the Lord”, an international ministry show they hosted on TBN.

In a recent video asking for the world to pray for Jan, Pastor Phil commented, “Jan is the most wonderful, soul-winning mama I’ve ever met.”

In fact, Phil and Sandra Aguilar had a special relationship with Jan and Paul, often inviting one another over to their homes for food and fellowship. This friendship resulted in TBN’s support of Set Free by opening discipleship / rehabilitation ranches on TBN property, the production of a weekly “Set Free 24/7” show, and the production of a VHS video entitled “The Real Set Free Story.” In the midst of challenging times, Jan and Paul stood by Set Free Church and challenged its accusers to back down.

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  • eric powell
    Posted at 15:55h, 31 May

    Jane and husband are home!
    So much is and can be said , on facebook for sure

    although there are many people who might question her heart ,if her and husbands was holding to sound doctrine

    When all is said and done ,for those who question her

    I will say this she loved the lord she and her husband tried follow AND DO what jesus asked.
    I don’t agree with a lot things on tbn that being said theres more good than bad
    So for those who are talking about her failures or how tbn should done this or that

    I will leave this question for YOU please pray about this!
    What are you doing with the gifts and talents GOD has given you through Christ? are you truley SHAREING AND telling the gospel,jesus was known as a friend of sinners are you?
    GODBLESS Keep serveing jesus 24/7

    • eric powell
      Posted at 17:09h, 31 May

      Ps. Thanks jane and paul for putting setfree ministries on tbn! setfree was a huge time of growth for me”tweety”
      there was other things on tbn that was helpful in my walk and many others as well

      although your family and friends will miss you,they also know your home !

  • Johnny
    Posted at 16:28h, 31 May

    Watchung TBN was a main source of being fed when I came to God in 1990.Paul and Jan will always be remembered by myself. Thank you Dad for giving us Jan and Paul.

  • Aaron Castillo
    Posted at 18:14h, 31 May

    Jan and Paul Crouch were such a Blessing to The Lord’s Most Dangerous Band and Set Free Posse. We did an outreach in Mineral Wells Texas and The Crouches let us stay on their property in Collyville Texas. They were so hospitable to the entire crew. Let me just say this, The Set Free Crew was and still is (in appearance) completely on the opposite end of the spectrum. Yet Paul and Jan looked way past that and saw the heart and identified with us!! Changed my feelings and opinion of them forever. Jan, Enjoy your reunion with Paul and union with our precious Lord and Savior. Love & Blessings

  • Deborah Robinson
    Posted at 18:24h, 31 May

    I will miss Jan she helped through depression when I heard her testimony years ago. God Bless

  • Dawn Perez
    Posted at 02:31h, 01 June

    I grew up watching Jan and Paul. They were a stable of soul food in our house. Both my grandma and mother adored them both. Theh are all together now. Prayers for their family. God is good.

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