Oracle Software Agreement

A licensing agreement may contain standard clauses, but also negotiated clauses by default. All rights that are not expressly granted in this agreement are reserved for Oracle. If you wish to use the programs or your application for purposes other than those expressly defined in this Agreement, you must obtain a valid program license from Oracle or an Oracle distributor under a separate agreement to allow such use. However, they acknowledge that the programs may not be intended for production and/or that Oracle does not provide a version of the programs for production or other purposes; any development or other work you do with the programs is at risk. Perhaps you should consider using experts who can manage your licensing agreements and help your business better understand your software resources. We can help you take control of your software assets. We provide a number of practical solutions through a combination of services and software. Contact us for an interview with one of our experts to find the best solution for your situation. However, if you browse, the ALT is not identified on the page displayed. Instead, the page contains links to certain policy documents as well as pages on which agreement-specific information can be found. When you click on the Oracle Master Agreement link, you`ll see a page where the ALT is remarkably missing. To access this document, you need to click on the link for the Oracle Licensing and Service Agreement (OLSA), which is another type of master agreement for the use of Oracle products and services. All the abrupt confusions related to Oracle`s basic structure and presentation of licensing rules once again underscore the need for companies using Oracle products to consider working with a third-party Oracle licensing advisor and cooperating regularly.

I consider this type of commitment to be a necessary cost for the use of Oracle products, and they must be integrated into financial models when companies are considering making or maintaining significant investments in Oracle software.

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