Prenuptial Agreement Attorney Franklin Tn

Tennessee courts also reserve the right to use their own discretion when children are involved. Custody of children and custody are generally not negotiable under a marriage agreement. Even if the marriage contract provides for the desired outcome of a parent for his children, such a clause is not applied in most cases. Another way to ensure that both parties have an asset asset underaltain and understand the agreement is to provide each party with independent legal assistance. Therefore, when parties are engaged, the possibility of consultation and independent advice should always be given as much as possible. Kahn / Kahn, 756 S.W. 2d 685 (ten. 1988). The independent lawyer is perhaps the best evidence that a party has voluntarily and voluntarily entered into an association agreement. Randolph v. Randolph, supra at 822. Tennessee courts routinely impose free and voluntary marriage agreements; However, in the event of undue influence or coercion, the application of marriage contracts is favoured.

Legal attacks on marital agreements are very common. As a general rule, difficulties only occur in the case of marital problems. The spouse most affected by the terms of the agreement is usually the person who takes the attack. Most successful attacks are due to negotiations were concluded in inequitable assets or assets/commitments were not disclosed to the negatively influenced spouse at the time of development. An almost sure way to refute a prenup is to pluck it on the wedding day and force it to sign it, or the marriage will not continue. The reasons for annulment of a marriage are: as family lawyers, we deal with issues related to the dissolution of marriages or divorce agreements. Widrig Law PLLC serves all of Middle Tennessee, including Nashville TN, Brentwood and Murfreesboro TN. Depending on your situation, our lawyer can help you reach an agreement that will allow you to keep as many assets as possible or for the fair and equitable distribution of your assets in case your marriage ends in divorce. If you want to hire a professional lawyer or a prenup lawyer, call Law PLLC and look for a lawyer to protect your assets.

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