Saputo Burnaby Collective Agreement

The work program updates at the end of each month a list of collective agreements inherited from previous years, which includes 500 or more workers in provincial courts and 100 or more workers in federal courts. Renewal Agreement: Valid from May 1, 2019 to April 30, 2024. Ratified on 30 July 2019. Signed on October 3, 2019. Paul has worked as a truck driver, production worker, machine worker, stockist, checker/loader, automated warehouseman, etc. In the workplace, he acted as a trusted man, as a lawyer for his colleagues and as a union activist. He became a business representative in 2002, president in 2014 and treasurer in April 2015. She sees her role in solving problems between her colleagues and the company. “Extremely hard work I lost about 15 pounds in my short time here (about a month, and every day I would hurt my whole body)” (in 5 evaluations) Severance pay: 1 week`s salary for each year of service for employees who are permanently laid off due to business stoppage or lack of work; 1 weekly salary for each year of service, up to 15 years, for employees of a service who are affected by permanent layoffs and who would not otherwise lose their jobs. She continues her service with the Teamsters as a valued member of our local. In the absence of a formal HR growth plan, there is a need to improve uniform communication/clothing: all delivery drivers only wear employer-authorized uniforms that are kept in a clean and presentable condition at all times. The annual fee for full-time employees is jacket, 4 shirts, 2 pairs of pants. Winterparka is delivered by the employer once every 2 years.

The employer provides clothing suitable for cold weather for those who have to work in the yard and cooler. SAP, Voyager (Australia, Argentina, USA, Canada), never boring, focus on the progress of the project. Bereavement leave: 3 days if the worker has to work, for death in immediate family (spouse, life partner, parent, parent, parent, child, stepchird, brother, sister, grandparent, grandchial, mother-in-law, father-in-law). 2 additional days, without payment, can be given if the funeral is more than 350 kilometers away (travel time is taken into account). 1 day if the employee has to work for the death of the brother-in-law or sister-in-law. Editor`s Comments: Driver Training: If the employee is required to successfully complete a position requiring a Class 1 license and the employer-approved driving test, the employee is reimbursed 100% of the training fee by the employer. The medication required to obtain the licence is paid for by the employer. Life insurance: the employer pays 100% of the premiums to cover the basic annual salary 1 time. Safety Footwear: The employer reimburses employees US$110 for the first payment period after May 1 of each year (or US$220 for 2 years) for employer-approved safety footwear. Brother Flamand has been a teamster for 18 years, while working at Island Farms/Agropur in Victoria. Brad is currently a driver and has worked for many years at cooler and Case Dock. Brad has been a steward shop since 2012 and was also a member of the contract negotiation committee.

In his spare time, Brad enjoys walking around and working on his Camaro in `69. . Brother Barton has been a teammate since 1991. His activity in the dairy and bakery industry served him well in his role as secretary-treasurer at Local 464. . . Fluid Packing Operator: $29.21 increases by 4 levels to reach $31.39 Lori has played many roles in her career, including assistant to an international vice president and assistant to the chairman of the Joint Board 36. Beneficiary: $29.21 increases by 4 levels to reach $31.39 hourly wage (currently, after 7.5% increase): Caption: The new addition of the list. indicates that the count is displayed for the first time in the list.

The transaction has been ratified. indicates that a new transaction has been ratified. The comparison now employs fewer than 500 people. .

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