Supplier Agreement South Africa

4.1. Unless the company agrees otherwise in writing, the goods are delivered to the Company`s place of business.4.2. The delivery date is agreed between the company and the buyer. If no date is indicated, delivery is made within a reasonable time from the date of the transaction or agreement.4.3. Delivery is made when the buyer expressly or by conduct accepts the delivery of the goods; or the buyer does something about the property that is incompatible with the company`s ownership of those goods; or the buyer has kept the goods for an excessively long period of time, without notifying the company that the buyer does not want the goods.4.4. Subject to the other provisions of these conditions, the company is not liable for direct, indirect or consequential damages (these three conditions are not limited to pure economic loss, loss of business, depletion of value and similar losses), costs, damages, costs or expenses caused directly or indirectly by delays in the delivery of goods. If such a delay is due to the buyer`s behaviour; the delay in delivery in paragraph 4.5 above; or as a result of the termination or termination of the buyer`s contract.4.5. In the event of a delay in the company`s delivery for more than 90 days, the buyer has the right to terminate the contract.4.6. If, for any reason, the buyer does not accept the delivery of one of the goods, if it is ready for delivery, or if the company is not able to deliver the goods in a timely manner because the buyer has not given proper instructions, documents, licenses or authorizations:4.6.1 the goods are considered delivered;4.6.2 All risks in the goods go to the buyer above 4.3.3 The company may store the goods until delivery; , the buyer is responsible for all costs and costs associated with storing, maintaining, insurance and transporting the goods.4.7.

Depending on the point of delivery, the buyer must provide, at his own expense, appropriate equipment and manual work for unloading or loading the goods.4.8. When the company provides the buyer with a quantity of goods of up to 5% more or less than the amount accepted by the company, the buyer has the option of refusing all goods delivered by the company; or 4.8.2 accept the delivery of the goods and the agreement to pay for those goods on a pro-rata basis; or 4.8.3 Accept the agreed order for the goods and refuse the excess product.4.9. The company and the buyer can agree that the delivery of the goods can be done separately.

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