Led by David Trotter, Awaken Media is a non-profit organization that has produced two previous documentaries. Distributed by Word Films, Mother India: Life Through the Eyes of the Orphan is a 47-minute documentary shot in southern India, selected by three film festivals, and won “Best Short Documentary” at the Princebury Film Festival in 2012. Also distributed by Word Films, In Plain Sight: Stories of Hope and Freedom is a 69-minute documentary featuring the stories of six female abolitionists who are fighting to end sex trafficking in the United States, and the film has been included in three film festivals and screened in over 200 locations around the nation. Currently, both films are available on Amazon and iTunes as well as other platforms.

DAVID TROTTER – Executive Producer & Director

Having produced and directed two award-winning documentaries, David is leading the effort to produce Set Free Posse. He is known for his ability to envision a large-scale endeavor, develop a strategic plan, and rally a passionate and skilled team to work together to see projects come to fruition. David has spent the last eight years as a successful marketing consultant, author, photographer, and filmmaker, while the previous ten years were invested as a pastor and church planter. David has been married to Laura for 22 years, and they live in Newport Beach, California, with their two children. More Info

CORY HILL – Cinematographer & Editor

Having travelled the globe to capture powerful stories on behalf of NGOs for several years, Cory is now based in southern California as a sought-after cinematographer and editor for both corporate and non-profit organizations. The combination of his cinematic skills, passion for storytelling, and dedication to serve the world result in beautiful films that capture both the attention and heart of every viewer. More Info

BRANDON SETTER – Cinematographer

For the past 15 years, Brandon has been creating videos as a documentary-style storyteller for organizations world wide as the Principal Creative of Setter Studios. He is also the Video Director & Storyteller at ROCKHARBOR Church and Cinema Media Arts Professor at Biola University. More Info

ALEXANDER PAVONE – Cinematographer

Always having a passion to create, Alex has been involved in the professional creative space for over 8 years. From photography to graphic design to video production, every bit of experience has only pushed his creative limits farther. Always having his passion at the center of his profession has made him a strong asset to marketing teams. Currently residing in Huntington Beach, CA with his wife Angelina and two strapping, handsome boys (all thanks to her looks) both under six years old, Alex has and always will put his family first. He enjoys loads of coffee, watching sports (and yelling at the TV), eating pizza (sometimes whole), skateboard riding, and listening to music way too loud. More Info