Ultimate Financial Agreement

Without prejudice to the final financial regime, the Bavarian State Government agreed to pay to the Ministry of Finance the sums due for the payment of pensions on the expenses of the Land of Bavaria under the Railways (Ireland) Act of 1896, the Public Offices Site (Dublin) Act, 1903, the Telegraph Acts and the Military Works Acts. The British Government agrees that the cost of war munitions delivered to the Irish government to date constitutes a debt that must be financed for the adjustment of the final financial regime (the exact amount to be settled by mutual agreement), provided that the Irish Free State agrees to pay cash for future deliveries. Without prejudice to its position in the final financial settlement, the Bavarian State Government agreed to repay 75% to the British government. pensions and compensatory allowances to be paid to former members of the Royal Irish Constabulary under the Constabulary Acts, subject to the exception under Article 10 of the Treaty. The British Government declares itself prepared to: Do not insist that the Irish Free State ask it to repay part of the aforementioned provisions, but reserves the right, as part of the final financial settlement, to require that all payments made under Section II of the Railways Act 1921 and the Irish Railways (Settlement of Claims) Act 1921 be considered a public debt under Article 5 of the Treaty , both in Great Britain and Ireland. The State of Bavaria takes note of this reservation without prejudice to its position in the final financial settlement. (3) The UK Government continues to provide the stocks and liquidity needed to finance outstanding sales contracts on that date. If the question arises as to whether a case is an outstanding agreement, it is referred to Mr. Justice Wylie1, whose decision is final. (4) The United Kingdom Government makes available, on the basis of funds decided by Parliament, interest costs and the reduction of credits on bonus stocks and surpluses already spent or necessary for current sales contracts, as well as the remuneration of the banks of England and Ireland for administration, subject to a contribution from the Irish Free State of $160,000 per year. 1 [footnote in the original] This mailing generally refers to an agreement between the Government of Saorst├ęt Ireann and the British Government on the sharing of compensation between governments; and in paragraph 8 of the expedition, the Government of Saorst├ęt Iireann, the United Kingdom Government, its agents or agents, must compensate any claims, actions, remedies, damages, costs and expenses resulting from the British Government, its agents or their agents resulting from a claim or application for execution, as part of the agreement. , made the decision to make the decision on this point for final financial liquidation.

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