University Of Arizona Articulation Agreement

Community studies equivalent to those in university programs (numbers 300-499) will be transferable in equivalents, but with a credit from the lower division. These courses should not be repeated at university, but are not taken into account in the required number of credit hours in high school. The Sponsorship Department at the University of Arizona is responsible for the implementation of the course mapping and the articulation plan proposed and submitted for examination at UA Global, as well as course descriptions in English for each course offered as part of the articulation. UA Global will contact the Transfer Credit – Articulation Office. The Scientific Funding Unit is primarily responsible for communicating with the partner institution to promote the program abroad and facilitate a simple stint at the University of Arizona. The Admissions Office will process applications for transfer students and The International Student Services will assist in drafting appropriate immigration documents, providing a new international orientation for students and advising on immigration matters, while the student is at the University of Arizona. This information is contained in the Schedule IV Interoperability Agreement: Transfer Guidelines for New Applicants. 5. Who evaluates the courses during the articulation process? 3. What information do I need to start the transmission process? Is there a special format? 12. Who is responsible for managing the program outlined in the agreement? All transmission sarticulation agreements should have a fixed validity period. UA Global recommends an initial five-year validity period. The agreement is expected to indicate that it will be evaluated before the end date of the agreement to determine whether it is renewed.

UA Global monitors the progress of all contracts and sends a notification to individual academic units before the expiry date. Rio Salado College Campus in Tempe, AZ more communiversity in Surprise, AZ and online An English translation of the course title, description, number of credits, curriculum, results/goals and textbook information is ideal.

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