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To add or delete the SCHW share plan on your account, you must notify us by phone at least one business day before the day eligible dividends or other cash distributions are to be paid for SCHW share guarantee contracts. If you are unable to cover a short security position (either by providing the guarantee or by our “purchase” of the guarantee) in time for us to provide the guarantee to the lender (to which we are obliged), you agree to reimburse us for any losses we suffer as a result of your non-compliance with the guarantee. Arbitration required. Regulators require that any brokerage agreement with a pre-litigation agreement must reveal that the agreement contains a pre-agreement clause. This agreement includes a pre-agreement clause. By signing an arbitration agreement, the parties agree that the electronically recorded copy of your (or your representative`s signature), all written instructions or authorizations, the account request and the agreement and disclosure are identified in the form of an authentic, complete, valid, authentic and enforceable record, authorized in court, administrative or arbitration proceedings, as long as the documents and records were originally established and kept in print. You agree not to challenge the admissibility or applicability of the electronic copy of these Schwab documents in a proceeding between you and Schwab. The Schwab OneĀ® interest function is subject to the national terms of the disclosure of cash items, including interest rate setting and interest consideration. If, on any given day, the interest charged by Schwab on your account is less than $0.005 depending on the above, you will not receive any interest that day. A clearly erroneous policy: Schwab could be subject to the “manifestly erroneous policy” of the electronic market. A clearly erroneous negotiation occurs when someone has entered an order with a manifest error in any term, as an example.B. Security identification, price or number of shares.

On request, the electronic market can verify a transaction to determine if it was manifestly defective and cancel or “break” such a trade. This can lead you to be placed in the position you were in before the transaction. If you want to verify a transaction, contact a Schwab representative immediately, as you must make an appeal within 30 minutes of the turnaround time to consider a “pause.” For information on SIPCs, including a SIPC explanatory brochure, please contact SIPC at www.sipc.org or 1-202-371-8300. Due to the increase in your adjusted daily balance, the guarantees held in your account can no longer be sufficient. (see “Margin Maintenance Requirements” and “Links and Liquidation.” The proceeds of the short sale are part of the guarantee that our securities loan guarantees you and you cannot withdraw these receipts from your account. You are responsible for all dividends paid on securities you borrowed for short selling purposes. Extended Trade Adjustment: Schwab does not guarantee or recommend longer trading hours that are right for you. As noted above, extended-hours trading carries particular risks and cannot be suitable for all investors.

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