Baltimore Symphony Agreement

This agreement is based on short-term victims in response to COVID-19 printing, reads the statement published on BSO`s official website. The new agreement will enter into force on 7 September and will continue until 14 September 2025. This is the first long-term contractual agreement between the two parties since a previous three-year contract expired in 2016. Brian Prechtl, Chair of the BSO Players` Committee, said: “The musicians of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra are so pleased with the important agreement we have been able to reach with the management of BSO. This long-term agreement will allow us to continue to attract world-class musicians and give us the freedom to focus on what we do best – making sublime music that nourishes and elevates the heart, mind and soul. The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra announced that it has reached a five-year collective agreement with its musicians. Peter Kjome, president and CEO of BSO, said that if the symphony is one of the most important orchestras in the nation, the coming year will be decisive. “We have important work to do. We must all come together to move our great orchestra forward – through participation, presence and philanthropy – to achieve our common goal of a robust and achievable plan for the future, which ensures that Baltimore and Maryland will remain home to an extraordinary orchestra for many years to come. Last summer, the musicians entered the picket line when the two sides failed to reach an agreement. The two parties entered into a one-year contract in September 2019. The terms of the five-year agreement include: Peter Kjome, President and CEO of BSO, said: “The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra is one of the best orchestras in the country.

We are grateful to our excellent musicians and the Players` Committee for our collaboration, as we despite the challenges we are currently facing due to COVID-19, we are looking forward together to a course for a bright future. Kjome added: “We are delighted that this multi-year agreement reflects our commitment to increasing both the compensation and the number of musicians in our extraordinary orchestra, while pursuing the objectives set out in our strategic plan. Kjome added that this multi-year agreement reflects BSO`s commitment to increasing both the remuneration and the number of musicians in the orchestra, while pursuing the objectives set out in the orchestra`s strategic plan. The terms of the five-year contract, which happened from September 7, 2020 to September 14 In the fall of 2025, however, this is a very different scene for the 104-year-old symphony that has just concluded a new five-year agreement between the musicians and the management – the first long-term contract since the end of 2016 – and marks a new chapter on the eve of its 2020-2021 season. . . .

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