Canada-Saskatchewan Agreement On Environmental Assessment Cooperation

The Canadian government recognizes the need to ensure that actions taken in Canada do not cause environmental damage to other nations. It actively encourages and encourages cooperation in Canada and abroad with respect to transboundary environmental impacts. These efforts result in agreements addressing transboundary environmental impacts and promoting sound environmental practices and international cooperation. Under the new Impact Assessment Act, the Canadian government is committed to achieving the objective of “one project, one assessment” when reviewing projects. Cooperation with provincial, territorial and Indigenous jurisdictions will better coordinate and harmonize impact assessment timelines and procedures. There are many agreements to evaluate proposed projects in a more efficient, predictable and responsible manner. The Impact Assessment Agency of Canada has entered into Memoranda of Understanding with the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission and the Canadian Energy Regulator, which define how organizations will work together to integrate the regulatory requirements of the Nuclear Safety and Control Act and the Canadian Energy Regulatory Act into the impact assessment process under the Impact Assessment Act. The details of the cooperative processes are described in protocols annexed to each memorandum. Protocols are evergreen documents that are updated as necessary to reflect best practices and lessons learned from the ongoing implementation of integrated impact assessments. Agreements with Aboriginal groups help to harmonize environmental and federal assessment processes and promote an open and participatory process for assessing the environmental impact of projects on Aboriginal lands. They shall ensure that resources are used efficiently and effectively and that a single evaluation is carried out for a single project.

They also improve the integration of environmental and economic considerations….

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