• Ruben Ramirez
    Posted at 14:37h, 28 April

    Thanks to SET FREE ministries I got a chance to have a good life I got married left the Gang Life that I was so Involved in I didn’t no if I would leave Another year or spend the rest of my life in jail but because of the mercy of Jesus kindness of people like set free ministries I got the chance to restart my life with Jesus Christ and well the first time a good friend of mine took me there back in 1991 to the good old Anaheim Orange County California I was a young Gangster full of drama and full of hate if you weren’t a Chicano or a real “GE” I didn’t want nothing to do with you!! Well that change right away wen I first got send to the set free ranch in Perris California O WOW WHAT AN EYE OPENER AND A DRAMATIC CHANGE IN MY LIFE FOR ME TO singh Christian songs in a fire pit and to listen to a NATZI MEN name Ace to tell me what to do I was in a colt I said to I took of from there and I share my story to my pastor back in Gardena set free and share that it was a colt and that I wouldn’t be going back he laughed at me and share with me about humbleness and toll me if I wanted to change that it would have to start with me and I had to put my carnal mine to death well they actually took me back after all the trash talk they event maid me one of there Oversears and for 2 years of been in full time ministry going in and out of this ranches they gave me a nickname RANCH RUBEN for fun because we had a real blessing of a brother the original RANCH RICHARD’S he was pastor Phillis right hand man back in dose days wow I can’t believe I was going to post a few lines down and now it seems like I got lost in the pass well much love and nothing but respects to pastor phill and the Set Free Crew…..EL SPEEDY DEACONS MC SO CAL FAITHFUL FEW NOMAD CREW O4 NALT PRESIDENT….

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