What To Include In A Separation Agreement Ontario

The process is everything! Yes, what matters what matters what comes into your agreement, but HOW it is prepared is just as important. As far as the province is concerned, you can both agree on almost anything as long as it is not outside of Ontario`s existing laws, with full financial disclosure, and you ensure that both parties are aware of all their rights, duties and obligations before signing anything. Any domestic agreement (which in Ontario may include a marriage contract, cohabitation agreement or separation agreement) must be developed with great care and attention to detail. After all, it is a binding legal contract that, if done correctly, governs the rights and obligations of the spouses or partners who entered into it. Mediation essentially involves the support and services of a professional negotiator, a so-called “mediator”, to help couples negotiate their agreement or settlement. Often, the mediator is a social worker or even a lawyer, but well trained specifically in the art of negotiation and resolution of family disputes. Catherine and I worked for a weekend and took breaks for a wine and a barbecue. On Sunday afternoon, we had set up a masterpiece of a separation agreement, a matter of beauty, or at least, that`s what I thought. Ensure that the statements and assumptions that form the basis of the agreement are factually correct. These include obvious things like the legal name of each spouse and the address of homes or recreational properties; But it also includes accurate proofreading of the data or date ranges, business addresses and bank account numbers mentioned in the agreement.


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